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Name: Rheinsteig
Type: Walkway
Location: Germany


Larch Hill was purchased in 1937 and has gone on to become one of the main hubs of European Scout camping. The estate has been revitalised in recent years with the creation of Scouting Ireland in 2004. The architecturally unique headquarters building remains the focal point of Larch Hill. At 226 metres above sea level, the site consists of camping fields, a small hostel, conference facilities (in the Millennium Room), hiking trails, a nature centre, a Beaver Scout playground, a (currently derelict) swimming pool and a large campfire circle.

Larch Hill is so called as it is reputed that it was the site of the first ever planting of the European Larch species in Ireland.

Our Connection to Larch Hill[edit]

We have had many camps in Larch Hill. From Group Camps, Regional Camps, County Camps and Annual Camps



This trip saw us travel from to


This was the first trip for our Venture section. Stephen Burnell, John O'Toole and Brian Doherty were the Ventures participating. They were accompanied by Deirdre Butler, Karol Quinn and Chris Creevey. They used Heidelberg as a home base.