Isle of Man

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Name: Isle of Man



The Isle of Man is an island country in the Irish Sea. It's about 50km long, 10km wide, and has a population of 80000. It's got a green, mountainous landscape. The island has independence from the EU, as well as from any other country. The island has a grand Celtic and Viking history, and a unique cultural heritage. It calls itself the "motorbike capital of the world", with 61km-circuit road races and several large festivals (eg. TT festival, Manx Grand Prix) held in the summer.

Anyone granted right of passage in the UK or Ireland has the same right of passage on the Isle of Man. You will not need a passport to board any of the ferries, although a passport is needed for entry and exit by air.

The currency is the Manx pound, fixed at 1:1 with UK currency (pound sterling). Both Manx and sterling are accepted on the island, but Manx pounds are not accepted in the UK. You will receive a mixture of currency when on the island. If you need to withdraw only sterling, use the ATM at the Douglas Sea Terminal.

People living on the island are typically well-travelled (much more than their British relatives) and as a result they are friendly and helpful towards foreign strangers, mostly without fear. The population is mostly British (50%) or Manx (45%), with sizeable South African, Irish, Polish and Filipino minorities.


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