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LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear Editor, The Unit .Committee of the C.B.S.I. 8th Kildare, Maynooth has asked me to write to you to clarify the position concerning the Scouts Den which is located in Block Prefabricated Unit at the Post Primary School. The November issue (no.101) was noted that the article concerning the Maynooth Adult Daytime Education (M.A.D.E.) referred to the M.A.D.E. Centre located at Block 3, This is incorrect. M.A.D.E. Activities are located in the Scouts' Den with the approval and cooperation of the Scout's Unit Committee, who at the request of County Kildare V.E.C., allowed the Scouts Den to be used for the holistic classes. It was also noted that in the article in question many people/organisations were thanked for their assistance but it omitted the one organisation i.e. the Scout's Unit without whose consent M.A.D.E. would not have been able to organise the extensive and Interesting range of courses which are now available in the Scouts' Den.

In the December/January issue (No. 102), reference is made again in the article "Skills Course for Young People" to the M.A.D.E. Centre. It is considered that the Maynooth Scout's Unit is not receiving sufficient recognition in the Newsletter in' the articles for their cooperation or allowing. THEIR Den to be used both for M.A.D.E. activities and the AnCO skills training course for young unemployed people. This letter is intended to clarify the mailer' In response to many enquires from interested parties and parents of the present/past Cubs/Scouts/Venturers. Mary Fleming, Ufllt Committee P.R.O. 8th Kildare C.B.S.I.

8TH KILDARE C.B.5.I. We are happy to report that 1985 was a very successful year for 8th . Kildare C.B.S.I. Much of the credit for this success is due to the dedication and hard work of the pack leaders. A special word of thanks must go to all our parents who supported every function during the year with enthusiasm. The goodies for the Christmas parties went down a treat. Repair work to the Den started on 16th Dec. and is progressing satisfactorily. This work was essential as the Den was in pretty bad shape. We are being assisted by a grant from the Dept. of Labour to meet the cost of the repairs. However we will still be left with a sizeable deficit. With this in mind fundraising will have' to feature prominently in 1986. Our first venture is a Monster Bingo to be held in the Parish Hall at the end of February. Notices will be posted shortly re date etc. The Venturers held their first, mixed meeting on Nov. 9th. We extend a big welcome to their new Leader Dolores Brady. We are delighted to have the Lady Venturers as members of our Unit. Their first mixed activity was a hike along the Wicklow Way. Those who took part were Neva Redmond, Bridget Halton, Dolores Brady (Leader), Sean Halton, Paul Cosgrove, Alan Downey, Loughlin Murphy (Leader), Catha I McAuley (Scout), Eamonn Conway (Unit Trainer) and Tony Muldowney (Unit Leader). Everyone found the 14 mile hike long and tough but most enjoyable. Four Venturers are planning to go to Scotland this summer on an Explorer Belt Expedition. The Scouts start this year's activities with the Regional Quiz on 11th Feb. at Esker, Lucan. The Saturday Cub Pack held their Investiture in conjunction with their Christmas Party. The Tuesday Cubs have yet to set a date for their investiture. Mary Fleming, P.R.O.

SCOUT NEWS our 'not party on - the 26th - Christmas' January was a very suCcessful event. This was a first time effort and we hope that with the experience gained it will become an annual The boys and girls enjoyed the fun and and of course ·the event. rea II y ga mes goodies. We the are very grateful to Leaders of the Girl G'uides, Brownies and Bridgins' for the co-operation. A high-light of the evening was a presentation of com missions to Leaders and Venturers, by the Regional' Commissioner Mr. McMahon The Leaders who got commi 55 ion s w ere - Dan Com man e , John Fleming, Sean Mc Caughley and Eamonn Conway. The Venturers who got their stripes were Alan Downey, Sean Halton, Ronan Barry and Paul Cosgrove. The Tuesday Cub Pack are having their Investiture on Tuesday the 18th of February • The five cubs to be invested are Kiera Mee, Hugh Boland, Simon Cahill, Patrick Dillane and Kevin Farrell. C 0 ng rat u I a ti 0 n s boy s • By the time this appears in print you will 'be fully fledged cUbs. The Scouts took part in the Regional Quiz on, the 12th of February in Esker lucan. The team, which came second in their heat Were Derek Dolan, Gerard Horn, John Rice and Peter Cassells. We are delighted to welcome two new Leaders Ronan S mit han d D a vi d Bur k e to the Scout Pack. 'ewish them all the best I th~ir new task. Next month we plan to start a Beaver Colony. This is a very exciting addition to our Unit. We will then be able to offer scouting to boys in Maynooth between the ages of six and eighteen years. In Beavers we for ,boys from six to years old. If you cater eight would like to introduce your son to Scouting, as a Beaver plese contact Mary r leming, 8 7 Carton Court, Phone: 285492. We are Bingo in on Sunday having a Monster the Par j s h Ha II the 2nd of March at 3 p.m. We earnestly ask th is for your event. support for Work on the Den is now complete and we are very plesed with the new Look Den. However, we still have a sizable overdraft and we do need your support. Mary Fleming, P.R.O.

SCOUT NEWS With the onset of nice Spring weather all scouts turn their thoughts to hikes and the great out-doors. On Sunday 9th of March Sean McCaughley (Tuesday Cub Pack) took seven of the older cubs on a hike toDonadea woods. Those boys are soon due to move on to the Scout section. ~ean was ably assisted by his friends from Maynooth College. The boys had a wonderful time. The Venturers held a Unit Quiz nd a Debating competition during the month. On the 22nd of February they went on a hike along the Royal Canal. During the weekend of the 28th of February to the 2nd of March they held a Development Course, as part of the First Stage Awards. As their guests on the course they some Venturers from Kanturk, Co. Cork. Two Venturers Neva Redmond and Alan Downey have volunteered to help out with the new Beaver Colony. OUf Monster Bingo on 2nd of March was a very succesful venture. We sincerely thank everyone who supported us by participating or by supplying prizes. All members of our Unit part in the St. Patrick's Parade. We were pleased be included in the awards. took Day to Our new Beaver Colony will have their first meeting on 22nd of March. Mary Fleming, P.R.O.


First Beaver Colony

Our Beaver Scout Colony take part in their first regional event the regional sports on Saturday the 19th of April in Esker, Lucan. month. Report next The Venturers had their Investiture on the 8th of March. The first female members were invested into the group. They were Venturer Leader Oelores Brady, Venturers Neva Redmond and Brigid Halton. Also invested was Barry Cosgrave. F our Venturers Alan Downey, Sean Halton, Ronan Barry and Gerard McDonell went on an Explorer Belt Expedition Training Week-end to Larch-Hill on the 5th and 6th of April. We hope to have our Annual Cake Sale during May. The date will be announced later. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Mary Fleming, P.R.O. SOME EAGER BEAVERS (Names in next column) Photo taken at our First Beaver Scout Meeting on 22nd of March in the photo arf'! F ergal Nangle, Keith Fleming, Adam Cahill, Brian F olen, David Nolan, Aengus Martin, Simon Murray, John FlaLtey, David Coughlan, Niall Downey, Michael Walshe, John O'Gorman, and Leaders Mary Fleming, Neva Redmond and

Alan Downey.

SCOUT NEWS Our Beaver Scout Colony participated in the REgional Sports in Esker on 19th of April. Despite the very unpleasant weather all the boys really enjoyed the fun and games which had to be held indoors. Our first Beaver Scout Investiture will be held on 7th of June in the Scout Den. On Saturday the 26th of April the Tuesday cub scout pack travelled to Bray on D.A.R.T. It was a beautiful day and the boys enjoyed their climb on Bray Head. Ten cub scouts from this pack have now completed their Link· badge programme and are' moving up to the Scout Troop. Also on Saturday the 26th of April the Saturday cub scout pack played host to forty cub scouts and their leaders from Tuam. They arrived at 12.30 pm and were welcomed to Maynooth by Betty Begley cub scout leader. After they had settled into our Den they held an inter-pack meeting with the Saturday cubs. This consisted mainly of sports and games for which medals were awarded. At 7.30 pm there was a mock camp fire which was attended by both our cub scout packs and their guests. The singing was led by Eamonn Conway ;nd it sounded G-R-E-A-T. Everyone indulged in sweets, crisps and minerals and a wonderful time was had by all. On Sunday morning Mass was celebrated in the Scout Den by our Chaplain Fr. Eoin Thynnc, assisted by Deacon Sean McAuley cub scout leader. After Mass all the cub scouts were taken on a conducted tour of the college, the highlight of which was a visit to the ghost room. We say a big Thank You to the- Tuam Pack Leaders, Teresa, Margaret, Sylvester and ColIn and we hope to return their visit later this yea r. The Scout Troop went to Kerdiffstown on the Regional competition from May 2nd to 4th. The Troop held their Investiture at a special meeting on Monday the 12th of May. Twelve scouts, and two leaders, Ronan and David were invested. · Plans are well under way for this years scout camp which starts on 12th July at · Cong Castle in Co. Mayo. · The Venturers went on a hike along the Wicklow way on 6th of April. On April 20th they went cycling to Blessington and they were accompanied by ten scouts. Our Bob-a-Job was very successful and we would like to thank the people of Maynooth for supporting our busy jobbers. The top earner. among the jobbers in our unit was Patrick Halton, 10 Maynooth Park. Well done Patrick and all our jobbers who worked so hard. Mary Fleming P.R.O.

SCOUT N!;WS For most Scouts the Annual Camp is the highlight of their year and camping season is now in full swing in our Unit. On Friday the 20th of June the Tuesday Cub Scout Pack set off for Ballinakill in Laois. Our Scout Troop are going to Cong in Mayo on July the 12th for ten days. We trust the weather man will be kind to all our campers this year. The Annual R~gional Cub Scout sports will be hl'lld·· in Clondalkin on Saturday the 28th of June. Last year our combined Cub Scout Packs won the Regional Cup. Good Luck boys in your efforts to keep the cup in the 8th Kildare unit for another year. Our Beaver Scout Colony had their first Investiture on Saturday the 7th of June. Our thanks to Mr. O'Connell for allowing us to use the school at very short notice. Invested on that day were two leaders, seventeen Beaver Scouts and one Cub Scout. With us on that day we were pleased to have Mr. Seamus McMahon Regional Commissioner, Mrs. Carmel Mc Cormack Regional Commissioner for eignteenth Beaver Scout, Simon Murray was on holidays on the 7th, he was invested on the 14th of June. Our Beaver Scouts are off to Larch Hill on Saturday the 28th of June for National Beaver Scout Fun day. I'm sure parents will be delighted with the lovely new floors in our Den. The boys should now return home with reasonably clean uniforms - we hope. The floors were put down by Kildare V.E.C. at the request of Mr. Noel Dalton, Adult Education Officer with the V.E.C. MARY FLEMING, P.R.O.

SCOUT NEWS As we go to press this month our Scout Troop are in Cong, Co. Mayo on their annual camp. We hope the weatherman will be kind to them. Report in next issue. Our Cub Scout Packs took part in the Regional Sports in Clondalkin on 28th June. Although we had to relinguish our winners cup to the Kilcloon Cub Pack the boys had a great day. Also on Sat. 28th June our Beaver Scout Colony went to Larch Hill for the National Beaver Scout Fun Day. This was a very exciting day for the boys. The activities were very well organised and our problem was to make time to have a "go" on everything. The favourites were the obstacle course, tugo- war, soccer kicks, bouncing castles, pillow fights and the children's theatre production of Hansel and Gretel. We returned to the Den at 7.00 pm with very tired Beavers with painted faces. Our venturers are making final preparations for their two week Explorer Belt Expedition to Scotland next month. The four venturers travelling are: Alan Downey, Barry Cosgrave, Sean Halton and Ronan Barry. Mary Fleming P.R.O.

SCOUT NEWS Our A.G.M. will be held in the Scout Den (grounds of Post Primary School), on Thursday 13th November at 9.00 pm. We earnestly ask the parents of all our Scouts to attend this meeting. The future success of our unit depends on your sup- : port. Attendance at this meeting will give many parents their first opportunity to look around our newly decorated Den. We are pleased that the open space at the back of the Den has now been "reclaimed", and the grass is starting to appear. Most of the credit for this pro· ject must go to Johnnie Halton and Patsy Cassells who did trojan work during the summer holidays. Our Saturday Cub Scout Pack are going to Tuam later this month as guests of the Local Cub Scouts. Report next month. Mary Fleming P.R.D.