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Exert from Maynooth Newsletter Feb 6th Scouts AGM at 8.30 in Boys NS March 3rd Scouts Dinner Dance – Springfield Hotel 9.30pm

8TH KILDARE CBSI On other words Maynooth Cubs & Scouts. Well Parents, it’s Annual General Meeting time again. We are having the meeting in the General Purposes Room of the Boys NS on Tuesday 6th February. This year we are hoping that some of the boys enthusiasm will have rubbed off and we can persuade some of you to join the Unit Council Committee. The most badly needed person is a Unit Leader as it’s hard for any group to function without a leader. We have booked a Dinner Dance also on Saturday 3rd March in Springfield Hotel with dinner at 9.30pm sharp. We will have music by GAYTIMES. As space is Springfiedl is liited early booking is essential. Again PLEASE PARTENTS for your sons sakes as this is the Year of the Child come to the AGM. Many thanks to all who have helped with our activities during the past year especially the hardworking leaders and Committee.

Our AGM dult took place on 6th February in the Boys NS. In attendance were Chairperson A Gargan, Chaplain Fr M Kelliher SMA. Leaders K Kennedy, F Touhy, O Martin, B Begly, A Kennedy B Boyd, W Crowley and Committee Members Mrs T Bennett, Mrs M Murphy & Mr B O’Malley, Treasurer. We were delighted to have Mr Pat Lee the New Commissioner with us for the second time within in a week. He had previously attended our Joint Scout/Cub investiture and Mass celebrated by Fr Roe CC on Saturday 3rd in SVD House. Unfortunately, Mr Pat Begly, Scout Master was laid low by the “flu bug and could not attend. Hopefully he will have recovered by the time of publication. Following the Leaders & Committee members reports a brief address was given by Pat Lee who highlighted the problems of scouting in the General and of the unit in particular. Namely (1) support in the form of Leaders from the Local Community and an active Parents Committee (2) Den – as base facility for meetings, storage of equipment etc. A general discussion following the election of the new committee made some good points, in which our audience actively participated. Having just denounced all our local representatives for their lack of support we were glad to welcome Mr Chalres McCreevy TD who although late was very welcome. Deputy Creevy will be reporting back to us on the setting up of a meeting between ourselves and Kildare Co Manage on the matter of a site for our Den on Council Property. While the response from the parents present was heartening as a general comment, it is disappointing to see the very poor turnout of parents at AGM. If one regards it as a measure of interest by the Community in today’s youth, there seems little future for Scouting in Maynooth nor indeed in the continuing to burden the too few volunteers who already do Trojan work. Of the Cub/Scout leaders almost half are comprised of clerical students that are the “floating population” who of necessity are only a short time with us. There is little point in wailing however, if tomorrow apathy was diagnosed as an infectious disease – would Maynooth be quarantined? May we PLEASE PLEASE appeal for support from you the parents. One note of regret – Our Chaplain Fr Kelliher will be retiring at Easter and we take this opportunity to express our thanks for his help both Spiritual and otherwise. To end on a more hopeful note our audience at AGM made a positive contribution by swelling the ranks of our depleted parents Committee with addition of the following: Sean Dwyer, Maurice O’Regan, Terry Stack, Fionan Hardiman, Pat Kiely, Carmel Dolan, Robin O’Reilly, John O’Connell and Michael Stynes. CBSI -8th Kildare Banquets: This issue’s must go to the ladies – both committee & parents, who so efficiently organised and ran a highly successful cake sale, appropriately, on Mother’s Day (Sunday 25th Marhc). Their efforts netted £102.85 –a total Sell out” Bless em all and thank you to our supporters. Bob-a-job: As you are probably aware, this year’s event took place between April 11th -21st when our “wee” lads called to your doors, seeking jobs & bobs. Some novel features this year included – Car wash, shoe shine and grass cutting. A full report will appear in our next issue, ut mean while lets expose the man behind the scenes, Fionan Hardiman, who filled the role of Mr Bob-a-job. Appeal: As mentioned in earlier dispatches we are homeless, that is to say, we need a “Den” as a base of operations. Without it scouting can never really be said to be established in an area, so may we appeal to any landowner in the Maynooth area who could provide or sell a site to us – to contact any of the following: Pat Kiely (tel 286506), Robin O’Reilly (tel 286480) or Ann Gargan (tel 286541). Transfer: Willie Crowley, Asst Cub Scouts Leader, has now transferred to our expanding Venturer group, as Ventuer leader but don’t cry kids, Willie is still involved in your swimming ventures. His assistant and right handiman is Michael Ryan. Scouts/Cubs/Leaders Less the tone of these notes become too adult oriented and also in the view of 1979 being “year of the child” we would like to introduce our cubs and scouts to you in this future issues.

To kick off let’s take the scouts – leaders are Pat Begley (scout Leader) and Keving Kennedy (asst Scout leader). It’s only fair to point out that Pat and Kevin represent the sole leadership and urgently require back up in the form of additional leaders. There are three patrols, namely Kestrel, Lion and Hawk and this month the composition of Kestrel: Patrol Leader – Liam Scanlon, Dowdstown, Moneycooley, Liam is fifteen and a second year student in the Post Primary. Asst Patrol Leader – Brian Sheehan, 7 Cluain Aoibhinn, Brian attendsChristian Brothers Secondary School, Kilcock is in first year and aged 13. Scout: David Stynes, Moneycooley. Is aged 12 and David is also in sixth class Primary School Scout: Patrick Tobin, 8 Cluain Aoibhinn. Pat is 12 and in the same class as David. Scout: Damien O’Reilly, Mariaville who is eleven years old and Damian is in fifth class Primary School Scout: Gearoid Howard Williams, Gearoid is thirteen and attends the Post-Primary in first year. May 31st Boy Scouts Open Night for Parents at 7.30pm.

Ventures This months report is largely concerned with our venturers and rightly so! They have been extremely active lately and deserve to hog the headlines. Who are they? Well there are the senior Scouting group, being over 16 years old, qualifies them as the “daddies” of the scouting in their area. In effect they are a transitional group who hopefully will be tomorrows leaders. Indeed, they are already doing this, having supervised a very successful scout camp held 4th to 7th May in Donadea. Venturer Leader Willie Crowley and his co-parts justified our faith in them in the venture. By the way of introduction they are: Leader – Willie Crowley, Venturers: Sean & Owen Donovan, Karl Lyon, Liam Scanlon Raffle: Results of the venture unit raffle and draw held on the 24th April last are: 1st Prize (Tape Recorder) – John Flaherty, 32 Josephin Ave, Brighton Hill, London, SW 2. 2nd Prize (Electric Toaster) Mrs A Lombard, 32 Maynooth Park. 3rd Prize – (Bottle of Brandy) Roger Clancy, Barton Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 OTHER NEWS: Recruiting- As part of our drive to build up numbers in our Scouts an open night for parents will be held on Thursday 31st May from 7.30pm in conjunction with the normal scouts “get together”. Please come along and find out about scouting, everyone is welcome! The first phase of our campaign is already underway with the distribution of handouts on scouting to 5th and 6th classes. CONGRATULATIONS to Mr and Mrs John O’Connell, a daughter Clare. This will not swell the scout numbers but maybe the Girl Guides will benefit. Finally we have two teams taking part in the Cubs regional Soccer competition on Sunday 20th May in Lucan. Hopefully a good results report in our next issue.