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Scout Events[edit]

Exert from Maynooth Newsletter:

"The 8th Kildare Scout Troop, C.B.S.I., has now completed its first year of active scouting in Maynooth. The foundations of the troop were laid during the winter months of 1974, when under the leader­ ship of James St. Leger, S.D.B., Joseph Lofra o, S.D.B., Kieran O'Reilly, S.M.A., and Billy Flood-a teacher in the local National School, a ,small group of lads were rained in the basic skills of scouting. This first group were invested scouts on February 16th, 1975. The Investiture ceremony followed a Mass in Parish Church which was concelebrated by Fr. 0 Higgins, P.P., Fr. Hicks, S.D.B. - Troop Chaplain and Fr. Putzu, S.D.B. Among those who attended from National Headquarters were Mr. M. O'Driscoll National Director of Training, and M P. Butler, Unit Leader of the 42nd and 92nd Troops, Crumlin. In January '75 a further sixteen boys were admitted to the Troop, bringing the number up to twenty. The Troop was divided into four patrols, these patrols form the nucleus of the Troop and all activities centre around them. Throughout the following months the new boys were gradually introduce to scouting through various activities, primarily through the weekly meeting but also through hikes and week-end camps. A second investiture was held on the 27th April bringing the number of invested scouts up to twenty. With the uniforming of the full Troop we were able to take part in many parish functions, among them the Corpus Christi procession. During this month we were joined by another leader-Eugene Gargan from Greenfields. The major event in any scout year is the annual camp. Last year, because the Troop was still in its infancy, we decided to break the annual camp into two; the first p rt comprised a three-day patrol camp, m Larch Hill (National Campsite of C.B.S.I.) at the beginning of August, this was followed by a five-day camp for the whole Troop at Ballinakill, Co. Laois. With the resumption of activities after the summer an extensive programme was carried out, introducing many new skills to the boys. On November 1st a Cub Pack, under the leadership of Billy Flood, Ann Gargan, Fergus Tuohy, S.M.A., and Alfredo Agius, S.D.B., was started. Mr. P. Ma den joined the Scout Troop as an officer at this time. The activities, throughout the past year are considered to have been very successful both by the officers and the boys. Their ' success is indicative of the enthusiasm amongst the boys for scouting. It is noticeable that in the short time scouting has been established in Maynooth a strong scouting_ spirit has grown amongst the boys. It is hoped that this will continue to grow over the coming years. Judging by the response of both boys and parents we are confident that scouting has a very bright future in Maynooth The Unit wishes to thank all those who gave so unstintingly of their time and energy to help with various functions during the past year. A special word of thanks is due to aII those who contributed to our various fund-raising activities, in the past and whom I am sure will continue to do so in the future. A formal word of thanks goes .to Frs. O'Higgins and Supple for their continued support and encouragement.

Macaomh Ger Horau receives the Cub Scout Promise during his Investiture in Steeven's Hospital on 5th May last

Caught in the act-we wonder what's brewing? Raymond O'Neill, Alan Leamy, Thomas Bean and Thomas Casey learning it the hard way at the recent Scouts Camp at Ballinakill, Co. Laois

A drop of the hard? Thomas and Brendan Bean at Ballinakill Boy Scout Camp.

Group taken at Investiture of Cub Scout Ger Horan in Steeven 's Hospital on 5th May last. to R.: Alfredo Agius, S.D.B., Mr. Horan, Anne Begley, Ann Gargan, Mrs. Horan, Billy Flood, Gerard Thompson, Noel Dempsey and Ger Horan"